Welcome To Sunset Memorial Gardens

Serving Gallatin County Since 1956

When it's time to make a plan for your burial, make sure you choose a cemetery than can accommodate your needs. We can provide burial space and services for:

Green burials | Cremation burials | Traditional casket burials

Burial spaces can accommodate one traditional casket burial and/ or up to four cremation urns. For more detailed information on our burial spaces, please see our Pricing link.

We also offer burial space at no cost for Veterans, at time of need. Call (406) 222-4499 for more info.

How we'll help you

Having a plan in place makes everything much easier for your loved ones when you pass. We are here to guide you through this process and make sure you're comfortable with your arrangements. We'll help you:

Determine your goals, needs and wants

Select your preferred burial space at our location

Choose the method of burial you're most comfortable with